MINISO Attended 2019 China Licensing Expo with Licensing Products Collaborating with Hot IP

On October 16, the 2019 China Licensing Expo was grandly opened in National Exhibition Convention Center in Shanghai. Over 1,300 licensing products from both China and abroad were displayed at the expo, with 80% international brands, covering multiple categories such as entertainment, art, fashion and sports. MINISO, upgraded as an “IP cultural and creative store”, attended the expo with licensing products collaborating with top global IPs such as Marvel, Seasame Street, the Forbidden City Culture, Hello Kitty, Kakao Friends and We Bare Bears, attracting a large number of visitors for business negotiation.


MINISO exhibition area

The licensing products were displayed in accordance with different IP. The sophisticated design, excellent quality and surprising prices impressed the visitors. While displaying such attractive licensing products, MINISO not only fully demonstrated the strength of the brand in cultural and creative aspects, but also attracted many interested partners who hope to reach further cooperation with MINISO.

In fact, since the launch of its IP strategy in 2016, MINISO has gained rich experience in IP market development. It reached cooperation agreements with Hello Kitty, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, Pink Panther, Kakao Friends, and Sesame Street successively, launching a variety of licensing products covering all categories. This year, MINISO announced cooperations with Marvel and the Forbidden City Culture, releasing different kinds of high-quality and low-price peripheral products.


MINISO x Marvel exhibition area

In addition, MINISO also cooperated with Marvel to open the MINISO x Marvel IP store. Compared with general stores, the IP stores focus more on licensing products, especially the products of Marvel series. MINISO IP stores are popular among fans, setting new sales records. To date, MINISO has opened IP stores in more than 20 countries and regions, developing over 2,000 SKU for consumers.

For a long time, the IP market has faced the high cost of licensing products, the rampant pirating of products and the inferior quality of products of small brands and workshops. While in fact, the IP market covers a wide range of fields, a large number of fans, a complete range of products, with great potential for development.


MINISO Kakao Friends exhibition area

MINISO insists on producing high cost performance products. With official licenses and affordable prices, MINISO subverted the traditional model and price ecology of IP product development, and developed licensed products of high-quality and affordable prices for fans. At the same time, MINISO further improves its international influence and reputation by cooperating with global top IP.

China Licensing Expo is the largest and most influential professional licensing trade fair in Asia. It has been held for 13 sessions since 2007 and is recognized as the best business platform for licensing business in the Chinese market. This time, 400 enterprises from all over the world participated in the expo, including Universal Picture, Warner, Blizzard, Turner and other international authorization leading enterprises, providing face to face in-depth communication for the most influential and most popular IP authorization projects and outstanding manufacturers and retailers in China and abroad.



MINISO Hello Kitty exhibition area

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