MINISO x PDC Design Forum Was Grandly Held; MINISO Established MINISO Original Design Institute

On April 24, 2019, during the 125th Canton Fair, the Design Forum and Design Night, jointly held by MINISO and PDC (Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Centre), was rounded off in Westin Pazhou Guangzhou.

news190508_1.jpg “Better Design Better Life” MINISO x PDC Design Forum

With the theme of “Better Design Better Life”, MINISO x PDC Design Forum invited global top design teams, such as the iF Asia, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Hongik University of South Korea, the South Korean K-100 ecological chain design team, Italian popular designers and ZAN DESIGN, etc., to discuss how to make designers' creative ideas into delicate and beautiful things in daily life, so as to improve the masses’ quality of life. During the forum, the original design institute MOD, founded by MINISO, held an unveiling ceremony.

In order to incubate more and better original design products, MINISO established the original design institute MOD in 2018. MOD adheres to the design concept of "better design better life", gathers excellent global design resources, creates original design products to lead the trend, and assists MINISO to achieve the strategic goal of globalization, so that global consumers can buy more high-quality original products at lower prices.

 The original design products launched before, such as the Water Cube series bottle, portable u-shape pillow, Wave Notebook, Wave Pencil Box and U-Fan, won the internationally well-known German iF design award and Red Dot award successively. These award-winning products, after being launched in more than 3,600 stores around the world, truly bring better life quality to consumers.

news190508_2.jpg MINISO devotes itself to creating better design and better life.

news190508_3.jpg Launching ceremony of MINISO MOD


 MINISO original design products display

During the forum, MINISO launched new products with ZAN DESIGN team, such as the U-Fan, Emoji Pen, M-Clock and Seesaw Clock.






Emoji Pen


Seesaw Clock 

In addition, MINISO has officially signed contracts with 6 design teams both at home and abroad. In the future, there will be more excellent original design products in MINISO stores, bringing surprises and fun to consumers around the world.

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