Miyake Junya
Co-founder of MINISO
Co-founder and chief designer of Japanese designer brand MINISO

Miyake Junya is the initiator of global superior product consumption. He was a contracted designer of a number of international fashion & casual brands, who serves as the co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, a Japan-based designer brand.

Similar to Kenzo Takada (founder of KENZO),  Yohji Yamamoto and Junko Koshellono, Miyake Junya graduated from the Bunka Fashion College (the largest cradle for designers in Japan, ranking No.3 of the world's fashion design institutes). After graduation, Miyake Junya rapidly emerged in the design field. With his design philosophy of “simple, natural and quality” as well as “back to the essence”, he became the leader of Japanese school of “natural lifestyle” and a contracted designer for many international brands.

Nowadays, Japan, Europe, the U.S. and many other major financial markets are suffering from economic downturn. When consumers are requiring fine products at affordable prices, Miyake Junya, who are in pursuit of the principle of “back to the essence of products”, has launched a series of advocacy campaigns to encourage economistic spending. At the same time, he cooperated with other designers who also pursue the concept of "natural lifestyle" and environmentalists in Tokyo, which formed the backbone of MINISO, a Japanese designer brand focusing on providing excellent products and advocating a “genuine goods at a fair price & quality life” principle.

Ye Guofu
Co-founder of MINISO
Co-founder and CEO of Japanese designer brand MINISO

As the co-founder and CEO of MINISO, Ye Guofu accumulated immense mastery in trendy fashion during the period of Chinese economic transformation and seized the opportunity to improve the social quality consumption patterns, bringing a brand new business model in China, which almost monopolized China’s offline flow of customers. In 2013, Ye assembled a team of Japanese designers to be the shareholders and established MINISO afterwards. They have opened 2600 stores around the world within four years. By 2015, MINISO’s global revenue reached USD 750 million and grew to USD 1.5 billion by the end of 2016. In 2017, the sales volume of MINISO reached USD 1.8 billion, and grew to USD 2.5 billion in 2018.

Ye Guofu considered that the statement “the higher the price, the better the quality” is only the excuse for those enterprises finding a way to sell products at a high price. Those “low price with bad quality” products resulted from the profiteering desire are originated from the period of command economy. The time for “good quality with low price” products in China has just begun. In this era, the actual value of a brand should be beneficial to millions of people rather than providing services to the nobility and the rich. These very values and principles have induced the inception of MINISO.

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